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Courtesy of the Loan Pool


Sony A900 (ID: 30)

 Low Light/Special- No Video

Image Resolution: 6048 x 4032,

                              4400 x 2936,

                              4400 x 2936,

                              3024 x 2016,

                              6048 x 3408,

                              4400 x 2472,

                              3024 x 1704,

                              3924 x 2656,

                              2896 x 1928,

                              1984 x 1320

ISO Range: 100 - 6400 

Frame: Full Frame

Aperture: F/ 4.5 - 5.6     

Lens: AF 85mm

Additional Lenses: Yes


Sony FDR X 3000 (Action Cam)

 Low Light/Special- No Video

Resolution and FPS:

3840 x 2160,           30fps

3840 x 2160,          24fps  

1920 x 1080,         120fps

1920 x 1080,         60fps

1920 x 1080,          60fps

1280 x 720,          240fps

Mic Support: Internal, External

Frame: LCD Only    

Lens: Fixed 


  • Record on device OR on cell phone

  • 2 available–1 gimbal available

  • Short battery life: can be powered over USB

  • Watch available

Click here for how to record using  

Sony FDR X 3000 (Action Cam)

sonyx aurora.jpg

Sionyx Aurora

 Low Light/Special- No Video

Sensor: Ultra Low-Light CMOS,

             Moonless starlight compatible

Video Resolution: 360p



                            Colour or


FPS: 7.5/15/24/30/60 fps 

Mic Support: Internal Only

Aperture: F/1.4 (Night)


                F/5.6 (Day)

Lens: 16 mm ,Manual Focus        

Additional Lenses: Fixed Lens

Click here for how to record using Sionyx Aurora 

Fuji FinePix 3D.jpg

Fujifilm Finepix Real3D (ID: 3D)

 Low Light/Special- No Video

Resolution, Time Allowed to Record, FPS:

HD-1280,       7m 5s,  24-30(Video) fps

HD-1280E,   13m 4s,  24-30(Video) fps

640,             14m 18s,  1-30 (3D) fps

320,             26m 30s,  1-40 (2D) fps


Mic Support: Internal Only

Frame: LCD Only    

Lens: Fixed           

Click here for how to record using Fujifilm Finepix Real3D (ID: 3D)

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